also distressful adjective making you feel extremely upset and anxious: a distressing experience — distressingly adverb distribute, verb (T)
1 to give something such as food, medicine, books etc to a large group of people, especially in a planned way: distribute sth among/to: Clothes and blankets have been distributed among the refugees. | a man distributing leaflets to passers-by
2 to supply goods to shops and companies in a particular area: Milk is distributed to the local shops by Herald's Dairies.
3 to share something such as wealth or power among different people or organizations
4 to spread something over a large area: The flowers rely on the wind to distribute their pollen.
distribution /"dIstri'bju:Sn/ noun
1 (U) the act of giving things to a large group of people or delivering goods to companies, shops etc
(+ of): the distribution of aid supplies
2 (C, U) the way in which people, buildings etc are arranged over a large area: population distribution
3 (U) technical the way in which wealth, property etc is shared among the members of a society

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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